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Stadium Arena Bracing Pro Shot 540, 660 and 672 Models
Note:  This system is available in 54" 60" and 72"
Click on picture for specs.

Pro Shot Premium Sets
are $200 - $300 Less -

Pro Shot uses 3/8 and 1/2 inch tempered glass on premium hand crank backboards. Again, we use thicker poles up to 7 gauge and thicker premium acrylics; and Pro Shot will STILL save you hundreds!

Pro Shot Basketball Rims:  Many Rims to choose from, including the fixed institution rim. This rim is rated to take 500 to 800 pounds 2-3 times stronger than a breakaway rim!  Residential breakaway can only take 200 to 300 pounds. Heavy flex breakaway rims are much stronger!





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Pro Shot
Premium Stadium
Free Pole Pad!

Pro Shot Arena
Free Pole Pad!

White Lightning 540 Y Mount

FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW: To many companies (dealers) on the Internet say things to get you to spend more money. Many stores tell customers that half inch tempered glass plays better than 3/8 and you should spend the extra to get the better play. This is FALSE! An ELASTICITY TEST shows that 3/8" and 1/2" plays the same. What is an ELASTICITY TEST? This is used to measure the flex and give of the material. 3/8 and 1/2" tempered glass measures the same. There is no give or flex, it's like a brick wall that is 2 ft. thick and a brick wall that's 3 ft. thick. The wall does not give or flex. This means the rebound back is the same. 3/8 and 1/2 inch tempered glass has no flex, your rebound back is the same. Buyer Beware: spending more money to get HALF INCH tempered glass will not improve play. If you like knowing the board is thicker and you know it wont play better and you don't mind spending the extra money, that's your choice.

Fact: Pro Shot Basketball will never tell you what brand to buy, we educate the customer telling you about all the great brands and the different features they offer. Many great upper end systems will play the same, they might have different looks, different adjustments, different pricing, etc. But the end result is many upper end systems will play the same (now that the boards are all tempered glass), you got it, they will have the same rebound back off the board. (Remember the ELASTICITY TESTING?) No brands with tempered glass plays magically better than the other (when they are 3/8-1/2 inch thick).

FACT: There are Internet companies telling customers that if you do not have an "H" frame of steel (3-4 bars glued to the center of the glass) and its not half inch, the board will SHATTER.  Nice try Internet store, trying to scare customers. No, you do not need an "H" frame of steel bars for 3/8 or half inch tempered glass. No, the ball will never sail through the middle of the backboard and shatter. It may if the board is 1/8 and 1/4 inch like many low end brands (they have to have an "H" on the cheap low end sets).  These are any sets on chintzy 4x4 poles that are $499.00-$799.00 in chain stores, yes they are this thin and need the "H" frame. We fired, yes fired, basketballs at 3/8 and 1/2" tempered glass from 10 mph to 60mph in the center of the glass and of course no shattering. Many Internet stores will say all kinds of spinning crap to scare you, to get you to buy the brand they tell you to buy. It's a shame what store's will say to get you to buy from them.

Last Fact: Why do brands use the bars in the center if the glass is still thick enough?  All brands from the 80's to 2006-2007 had the boards with acrylic for the material.  Acrylic is plastic which is soft, flimsy and dead for play. You had to have the "H" frame to support the dead soft plastic for a decent rebound. Some choose to keep it the same bracing when changing to the glass for the same look, some may keep the "H" frame with the thinking that the consumer may think its stronger (it's the same great strength, though). It really is just a preference for you, our customer.

The Facts on Installation Charges

All so called chain/discount stores charge their customers $325.00-$395.00 to install basketball sets.  No kidding, $325.00-$395.00!  Ouch! If you buy a set from $200.00-$400.00, they charge you about $300.00 to install it.  Sets from $450.00-$699.00, they charge $350.00 to install. Sets from $700.00 and up they charge $350.00-$400.00 to install. Their theory is, the more you spend on a set, the more you should expect to pay to have it installed.  Well, guess what?  It's the same work and time to install a small set as the big sets, so why pay more? Pro Shot charges a flat rate on all sets from $399.00 and up.  The installation is $289.00.

Installation prices are good on sets installed within a 45 mile radius of Pro Shot’s Store. 
Pro Shot's zip code is 48430.

For out of state customers purchasing basketball systems from our store, we personally cannot offer install for you from our employee's . However we can give you the same phone numbers of the national assembly companies in your area. These are the same companies that Dick's Sports, Sports Authority and other chain store use. Please call for those numbers.

Pro Shot Basketball does not arrange or guarantee install in your area. It is the customers responsibility to arrange for the install. We can suggest 2-4 national assembly companies for you to call and ask about their services and fees. The customer would pay the install company for installation. You do not pay Pro Shot Basketball for the install if your install is out of the state of Michigan.

* Free shipping in continental U.S.

Lifetime/Mammoth Basketball Hoops

Hydra Rib/ First Team Basketball Goals

Wilson/ Dominator Basketball Hoops

Bison Basketball Goals


New Feature!

Premium Stadium
Arena System

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The New Powerhouse 660 by First Team

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Hot, slick, powerful, clearspan...you have
wanted...you have waited...feel the power!
Call for exclusive offer only from Pro Shot.  Only dealer to offer free pole pads on all First Team systems


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